View Full Version : New feature: server-back-online notification

06-07-2009, 20:28
Dear All,

We have just released a new version of Java-monitor's built-in monitoring tool.

The notification system has been changed to not only send a message when a server went off-line, but also send a message when a server starting sending data again. With this feature, which was requested some time ago (http://java-monitor.com/forum/project.php?issueid=16), you will know when a server comes back up, allowing you to relax (a bit).

The body of the notification messages has been overhauled to be more informative. The server death alerts do a micro-analysis to see if the crash is memory related or not. The notification that let you know a server is back on-line also tells you how long the server was unreachable and when it was last restarted. With this information, you will know if the application server was completely restarted, or if there was a temporary failure somewhere.

The JMX measurement page get some minor touch-ups that make the data more readable. For example, 1 megabyte is no longer shown as "1MB and 0kB", but just as "1MB". This makes it easier to spot fractions and generally tidies up the page. The same cleanup also works to make the e-mails and the host pages look neat.

Hope this helps.

Kees Jan