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Java-monitor Kick-start Short Course

Tired of spending hours searching for answers? Java-monitor Kick-start will kick-start your Java monitoring experience. Talk live to a Java expert. Ask questions and learn. The most personal way to learn how to anticipate and resolve Java server crashes.

Java-monitor's Kick-start is an instructor-led introduction into Java monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting. For $150 you get personal advice from a Java expert. Learn how to troubleshoot memory and garbage collectors. Database and HTTP connector pool tuning. Robust coding tools and best practices.

Kick-start is a short course. No need to free up complete days in your busy schedule, no time away from the office and no need to travel. Just one hour to get Kick-started.

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  One-on-one Kick-start US$250
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Kick-start course outline

  • Java memory management and garbage collectors
  • database and http connection pools
  • file descriptors
  • system memory
  • troubleshooting
  • coding tips and tricks
  • DNS

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