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Default Welcome to Lemongrass!

Dear All,

Well, Java-monitor's monitor tool Lemongrass has officially entered its beta test stage. You are all invited to participate. All you have to do is log into the forum, download your probe and get started. No need for special accounts, your regular Java-monitor account is all you need.

Java-monitor fills the gap between not monitoring at all and large enterprise monitoring systems. It is designed to be dead easy to set up (5 minutes, tops) and use. In many places monitoring all of the systems is somewhere low on the "yeah, we should do that ... someday"--list. Java-monitor allows you to check that item off now.

Monitoring your systems with Java-monitor is configuration-free. It just works.

You can monitor as many JVM's as you like. Java-monitor works 24-hours a day and you can see the statistics for the past two days on all your JVM's.

Read more about Java-monitor's new features on the new home page, or check out the Lemongrass installation instructions for a little more technical detail.

If you already have all of your systems fully monitored, Java-monitor is not for you. Your own tool probably has more features and skilled engineers to maintain it. Don't switch over. Although... Maybe you already have all of your production servers monitored, but what about test systems? What about that embedded Tomcat server in your IDE?

Kees Jan

PS. With this upgrade we also got the latest patches to MySQL and to FreeBSD, and I changed the backup strategy to be more robust.

PPS. Those of you reading this from RSS won't have seen it, but Java-monitor has a much fresher look and feel, thanks to the good guys over on Go check it out.
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