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Monitoring made simple what Java-monitor does
Stop checking if your server is up; let Java-monitor tell you. See graphs of memory usage, HTTP connectors and database connection pools and more. Start using Java-monitor's excellent Java server monitoring service.
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See into your JVM Stop checking your application Simple installation
No more guesswork. Know exactly what goes on inside your JVM. Know your memory use. See the garbage collectors in action. Know how many database connections you really use. Still trying your app to see if your server is working? Java-monitor sends you free notifications when your server is off-line, so you can stop checking. Java-monitor can also send an advance warning when your server is about to go off-line. You can respond without your users ever seeing a problem. Just drop in a WAR file and go. No configuration, no code changes, no instrumentation, no run-time impact, no extra servers to install, no extra systems to maintain.

What users say about Java-monitor
Steve Harris “Java-monitor lets us sleep soundly at night.” Erik Hedenström “Java-monitor saved my butt. I couldn't get jconsole to work over X11/ssh forwarding. 5 minutes later Java-monitor was deployed. Smart to use a simple war to inject the monitor. 10 minutes later I had the memory issue nailed.”
Steve Harris
CTO for SDX products at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
Erik Hedenström
CEO for Codemate AB
Ulf Dittmer “Java-monitor gives us advance notice of something odd happening. We use Java-monitor to detect trouble brewing up to hours in advance. It gives us time to respond to problems before they happen.” Rob van der Veer “Java-monitor gives me the confidence that I know exactly what is going on inside the JVM at any moment. Indispensable.”
Ulf Dittmer
Technical Director at Besser Betreut GmbH
Rob van der Veer
Principal architect at Dutch Domotics